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The Salisbury Beer Bash!!

thanks to an extremely generous contribution from our friends at Salisbury City, a few of us were able to anticipate their FA Cup tie in an ever inebriated state...

These were taken BEFORE the first sip!

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A truly official Tinpot Tour.

Or, put another way, Pissheads in Stamford.

It went something like this. The advance party arrived early, with the main contingent hitting the approved watering hole late on Friday evening, at which point there was much rejoicing, carousing and quaffing. Not to mention an assault upon an unsuspecting quiz machine.
At this point there are assembled the combined minds and drinking abilities of ISIHAC, Luvlydory, Ambersalamander, Medibot and the mysterious MiB!
The party was swelled further on festival day by J.Esaj, and (To the utter joy of those of us who have not clapped eyes upon him for a while) Phil! J.Esaj is for some reason not represented in pictorial form - and I was sober at this point too Everyone else has the misfortune of turning up somewhere or other - even me which is a neat trick for a photographer

At the peak there were seven of us. Rarely all in the same place at the same time, it must be said - Medibot for example went AWOL for a while on Saturday morning, and J.Esaj went walkabout (As he is wont to do) after a bevvy or two at lunchtime, but there were seven of us there or thereabouts for a while

Watering holes as sampled:
Predominantly the Lord Burghley - six real ales and Budweiser.
Also, The Green Man - probably also six real ales, certainly Budweiser.

Important to note that - unless England are attempting to win a football match against Portugal, which is apparently a rare thing indeed - it is possible to get served pretty efficiently in these establishments.

There is also the festival beer tent. This contained forty or so beers and no staff, an equation that means no hope, long waits after lunchtime, but good beer if you can get it - even for Guinness drinkers

We watched said footballing occasion in the Burghley, which was absolutely crammed, had a pretty good atmosphere, but the wrong result. I suppose the result would have been the same wherever, but hey ho!

All things considered it was a storming tour - and the pictures a presented for chuckles, because I can! Even those of various, otherwise highly respected individuals looking a teeny bit the worse for wear following a not inconsiderable intake of alcoholic beverage. It should be noted that the same intake impairs the ability of your average photographer too! Wherever you see a Sutton fan wearing a hat, assume that the hat is mine. (Apart, that is, from the group piccie where everyone is resplendent hat wise! All other headgear is the property of the owner of the head beneath it...

This is important you see. Hats are important. Get with the programme!

The ones of the mystery football ground were taken on an inpromptu stroll around the nether regions of Stamford on Sunday. Should anyone want to shed some light upon the providence etc of said team, feel free to do so please!

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The Dog House!
Welfare Park again...
Just because we can!!
I suppose, technically these belong on a separate page - because it was indeed a separate day!

While the Sutton contingent quite rightly went tearing off in the general direction of WSM on the Saturday; those of us with a more laisez faire kind of disposition pondered the options - and as it turned out, opted for the Stadium of Light (Not presently a non-league venue; but give it time - give it time ) And Welfare Park - home of Bedlington terriers; and therefore, by default - TerrierDave.

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Down & out at The Aletaster!
Amber's party trick
Again - cos she's just so gorgeous!!
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